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TMPL is a service that creates a better and more sustainable accomodation. Technical solutions combined with a social platform where neighbours, business owners and real estate companies interact with each other. The core of the service is an easy and powerful app where the user has complete control over all the parts of his living situation.

  • Social


    Do you know a neighbour who wants to walk the dogs or go for a run? The security and communication in a residential area can increase with a common platform built for communication, which gives you the possibility to contact your neighbours.

  • The times of bulletin boards and neighbourhood gatherings are over. Today, new tools are needed to share information and create a sense of communication, trust and security in a residential area. Fast-growing neighbourhoods gather a lot of people who don’t know each other. We are also spending more time online. Social media such as Facebook have become increasingly important as a link in a world where many people are moving to different locations. Our platform is designed to the same principle. It’s a fast modern and inclusive way of creating new opportunities for communication between neighbours, landlords, letting agencies and housing associations. The TMPL platform offers tools that allow users to share information, schedule meetings, report damages and lend each other items or exchanging services and resources. Users can interact, comment, vote in polls or respond to requests. The simple everyday contact can create trust, and it will make the entire residential area safer.

  • Environmentally friendly


    Customized tips in relation to electricity and water consumption, which makes it possible to live a more climate-friendly lifestyle. By lending and exchanging items with each other, we can also reduce our household waste and save money.

  • Construction and living devours one fifth of the world's energy consumption. Every effort to reduce consumption is important, and this includes the individual households. TMPL can measure each property's consumption of electricity and water, and provide tailored tips on ways to reduce your consumption. This will save both energy and money. We want to encourage sustainable habits through clever technology, shared resources and information. A better way of living will give us a sustainable society long term.

  • Economics


    Buying, selling or borrowing items from each other saves money and natural resources. A friendly competition in relation to who saves the most energy is good for the environment and for the wallet!

  • In addition to helping the residents save money through less usage of electricity and water, the TMPL platform also encourages the informal economy in the housing area. It is a smooth channel for buying and selling each other's unused items, or swap items and simple services. It is also an easy way to plan car trips and joint purchases or to advertise for something that is just needed every now and then. Is it really necessary for each household to have their own drill machine?



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So far we have received overwhelming responses to the TMPL platform from residents as well as property developers. We also offer real estate companies and developers access to the technology platform through a white label license. You can customize the platform and mobile app layout according to your own graphic profile. We have strived to make it as simple and time-effective as possible for licensees to launch the system. If you would like to know more about our licensing model, please contact us via the form at the bottom of the page.


About the team behind TMPL

The road to a sustainable future begins right here. We who developed TMPL have previously worked in leading companies such as Skanska, Apple, Nokia and Cycore. Now we have a joint vision of how housing and residential areas can be developed, and what requirements residents will have in the future. One of our most important driving forces is the understanding of our shared responsibility. We want to build good living environments and create a sustainable future.