How does TMPL work?

Social Media Platform 2.0

TMPL is a social media platform that allows the residents living in a building or residential area to communicate with their neighbours in a feed similar to Facebook. You can book resources like a laundry slot, patio or overnight room, and you can buy, sell or give items away through TMPL's marketplace.

When it is time to have a barbecue party or a housing association meeting, you can easily send out the invitation by using TMPL, which automatically registers the time and date in the phone's built-in calendar. If you are hungry, you can easily order food from the local restaurants, or order your groceries from the local supermarket. Built-in meters keep track of each apartment's electricity and water consumption, and provide you with customized saving tips. You can compete against others who live in similar apartments to find out who is the most environmentally friendly. More features are on the way which will let you control the lock in the front door, and let you know when post has landed in your post box. It will even let you control the coffee maker remotely, so that the coffee is ready when you get home. (Some of the above services require that the infrastructure in the building you live in supports this).

How much does it cost to use TMPL?

TMPL is free of charge for private individuals

For those living in a TMPL building, the app is free. It is your landlord or housing association who decides how the cost will be charged.

- A housing association pays a connection fee and thereafter a monthly fee for each connected apartment.

- Landlords / property developers who want their own version / license of the platform pay an adjustment fee and then a monthly fee for each connected apartment. The adjustment fee includes modification to the desired design and desired functions / modules.

Can I get TMPL in my apartment?

TMPL is for everyone

Yes you can. Talk to your landlord or housing association and ask them to contact us. Your housing association or landlord must first be connected to TMPL before you can get access to the platform.

Do you need a personal computer to use TMPL?

We are following the mobile development

No, it's enough with an Android phone or an iPhone.

Is it necessary to have your own server for TMPL to work?

We made it easy for you

No, everything is stored in our cloud service.

What is required to install TMPL?

A smartphone is all that’s needed.

The technical requirements needed are an iPhone 4 or a later model (iOS 9) or Android (version 4.4.3).

Who can see what I'm writing in TMPL?

You are protected in the TMPL environment

What you write in TMPL is only visible for you and your neighbours who are connected in the same association, building or area.

Can my neighbours see my electricity and water consumption?

You have complete control over your apartment and its contents

No, your consumption is only linked to your apartment. Only you and the others living with you in the apartment can see the consumption.

Can I delete what I have written in TMPL?

Common sense

Yes, you can, you can also report inappropriate messages written by other neighbours. If you move out all your user data is deleted automatically.

I have ideas about new features, what do I do with them?

That’s great!

TMPL is built to increase the user-friendliness, and all suggestions are welcome. Contact us at

How can local businesses such as shops and restaurants be included in the neighbourhood’s TMPL menu?

We benefit all local service facilities

Local service facilities can connect to TMPL by contacting us at We guide you through the implementation of your menu and products, and show you how the order system works.