Modern living close to the nature in Smaragden

The district of Rosendal in southern Uppsala is close to the city centre as well as the beautiful nature, and is well situated right next to Stadsskogen. The newly built housing association Smaragden in Rosendal consists of 114 modern one bed room apartments and two bedroom apartments, especially developed for active people who like to interact with their neighbours. All apartments in Smaragden are equipped with TMPL, which is used as a common platform for communication and interaction between the neighbours.

The building Smaragden in southern Uppsala is close to the city centre as well as the beautiful nature. The building consists of 114 modern one and two bedroom apartments, and is close to the town centre as well as Stadsskogen. The apartments are especially developed for active people who like to interact with their neighbours. All apartments in Smaragden are equipped with TMPL, which is used as a common platform for communication and interaction between the neighbours.
I like smart technology solutions, I'm a bit of an early adopter, says Elisabeth Långström, who lives in a one bedroom apartment in Smaragden.
She works with communication at Uppsala University, but she is also one of the housing association’s board members. She thinks it's very clever to have a common communication channel with the other residents, and she logs in to the TMPL almost every day.
- I check if something has happened, communicate with my neighbours, and resolve problems.

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So far, there are often practical questions that appear, such as questions about storage rooms and storage facilities. But in the future, Elisabeth Långström is looking forward to using TMPL in many ways, especially to strengthen the community in the area.

- There are many dog ​​owners here, and TMPL is an excellent tool which gives you the opportunity to ask someone to walk your dog or watch your dog, or maybe arrange a joint dog walk in Stadsskogen?
TMPL also provides the residents with the opportunity to become more environmentally conscious. The app measures and advises on your consumption of electricity and water, and it can also be a channel for trading items between neighbours. You can also book cars in the shared car pool, order food via the app from any of the local restaurants, or shop from the supermarket that will soon open in the area.

Lydia Karlefors is responsible for early stages and sustainability at Rosendal Fastigheter that developed and built Smaragden. She explains that the environment and smart technical solutions are important aspects in the company's development work, and she stresses the importance of sustainability as part of the project.
Our vision is to create really good solutions for innovative design, healthy environments and green solutions for all our housing projects. If the sustainability aspect is not included early on, there is a risk that it will be forgotten or compromised. Environmental issues must not only be issues dealt with towards the end of the project.

Smart technology can be a motivator to think more environmentally friendly, and is at the same time a lot of fun, says Lydia Karlefors.
She refers to so-called gamification, i.e. digital technology with built-in competition. And if Pokémon Go has made people walk more to catch the most Pokémon’s, maybe an app like TMPL can get neighbours to compete against each other to find out who saves the most electricity and water.
TMPL measures each apartment’s individual consumption of electricity and water, and gives saving tips. You can compete about that too. Wouldn’t it become the area’s most environmentally conscious resident?

Service i Rosendal

All service in Rosendal directly on your phone

The TMPL app is environmentally friendly and a smooth channel of communication between neighbours. It is also a smooth link between the residents and all the service providers in the residential area. Restaurants, gyms and shops are linked to TMPL, and residents can book, order and shop directly from their own mobile.

Someone who wants to order food just needs to open the TMPL app on their phone, and order their favourite take away with a few simple clicks.

- It is much easier for our customers to order in the app then it is to call us, says Zhiva Bergström, who runs Rosendal's sushi.
- You can hear a ping alert in our app in the restaurant when the order comes through. We make sure that we send a receipt to the customer right away that indicates what time the food is ready for pickup so they don’t have to wait around.

The area of Rosendal is growing rapidly as more and more residents move in. In April 2017, an ICA supermarket will open a new store that will be environmentally friendly at all levels. It will be possible to order directly from the store via the TMPL app. Johan Schartau is an experienced food retailer who previously managed supermarkets in Sävja and Knivsta. He will now become the new director of the new store in Rosendal, and he is looking forward to getting to know his prospective customers.

The customer interaction is the best part of my job, and I want to make sure I find the right product range to suit my customers, says Johan Schartau.

He is also stressing the importance of organic and locally grown products. Not only will the food be green and durable, the entire store will have as little climate impact as possible.

The entire area of Rosendal breathes sustainability, and it’s our responsibility to achieve this, which also shows in the technology we use. ICA Nära Rosendal will also have environmentally-friendly refrigerators, freezers and lighting, a smart waste disposal system and will achieve minimal wastage of food, says Johan Schartau.

SEB USIF Arena is used by Uppsala Student’s athlete association, and is located in the heart of Rosendal. Five tennis courts, a squash court and a gym are some of the services offered in the 8,000 square foot arena, which also holds a restaurant, a salt spa and an office. Much of the activities are aimed at children and young people, but people of all ages are welcome. The beautiful arena-roof is covered by a layer of plant sedum, which compensates carbon dioxide as effectively as 750 trees would do.

- You can now book tennis or paddle slot through TMPL, says Rikard Wendt.

Richard is the Deputy Operations Manager at USIF Arena, and he is now looking into how he can get more activities at USIF Arena made available through the app.

- It quickly became very popular when we launched the possibility to book padel and tennis slots. People liked the fact that they could book the available slots from home, and I would like us to expand on this. In the future, we may be able to let our customers book a slot for a group session, or even book in time with a personal trainer, says Rikard Wendt.

Europe's smartest house

Lisa moves into Europe's smartest house

In Uppsala you can find 34 super modern apartments located in the newly built Tiunda Park. It’s an area especially designed to become Europe's smartest and most connected multi-family house area. Law student Lisa Pålsson from Skåne has just unpacked her boxes in her new apartment, that is equipped with a range of Smart Home solutions that she can easily control from her phone and TMPL app. Tiunda Park is centrally located in a quiet area in the heart of Uppsala's student district. On the outside, it is a tasteful and modern two-storey multi-family house, but the most exciting part is actually inside. The 34 newly built apartments in Tiunda Park have already on the drawing board been featured with a set of digital Smart Home solutions to make the accommodation as safe, durable and comfortable as possible.

I've always cared a lot about environmental issues, and for me as a student, with a limited economy, it feels good to keep my electricity bills down, says Lisa Pålsson. It's also nice to be able to have the cosy lightning ready in advance when my boyfriend from Skåne comes to visit.

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Lisa's new apartment is also equipped with a smart lock that can be controlled remotely, which can be used to let craftsmen or temporary guests into the apartment when she is not home. When she activates the "away" mode, motion detectors and magnets in the patio door will activate and signal if there is any movement around the apartment. Lights can be turned on and off to make it look like someone is home. There are sensors for detecting fire or water leakage, and signals are sent directly to the homeowner, the service company and the fire department. The system also reports the consumption of electricity and water, which is brilliant for those who want to think environmentally friendly. The more social part of the TMPL app is the possibility to keep in touch with neighbours, both for pleasure and practical reasons.

SAs recently moved in, there is always a lot of stuff that you don’t have and it’s easier to borrow things from a neighbour than to go out and buy it. That also helps you to get to know each other, and it creates security, says Lisa Pålsson. Maybe the angry message on the notice board is now history, when there is a better channel for communication with one’s neighbours.

Lisa Pålsson explains how she used TMPL to tell her neighbours about her moving in party.

June 28, 2017

Inspiration Rosendal

An easier everyday life - Inspiration Rosendal

In the Uppsala district of Rosendal, located between the town centre and the flourishing nature, you find Rosendal Fastigheter’s latest project, called Inspiration Rosendal. It consists of 344 apartments with a size of approx. 27-90 square meters. Most apartments are one bedroom apartments with a 14 square meter sleeping-loft, and 3.7 meters in ceiling height. The apartments are bright with white walls, ash parquet and a large window section that contributes to the unique lighting.

Spacious stairwells invite you to take the stairs instead of the elevator. In the courtyard there is a staircase that leads up to the shared roof terrace. On the roof there is also a running track and a street basket plan.

Inspiration Rosendal is connected to the TMPL. In the TMPL app, one can find all documents relating to the apartment, the property and the housing association. Here you will find manuals, maintenance instructions and rules. If a problem would occur you can easily make an error report directly in the app. An error message is then sent directly to the person responsible for correcting that type of problem. You can also find useful contact information under the contact section.

Arby moved into an apartment in Inspiration Rosendal at the beginning of the summer, and he thinks the TMPL app makes everyday life easier.

- I have mostly used the app to find information. It's easy to find documents about different appliances in the app. It’s good to know where you have them and you won’t risk misplacing them, says Arby.

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Image: Johannes Rousseau

The app's main feature is the “feed”. It’s the residents' tool for communicating with each other and with the housing association. In addition to reading and writing messages in the feed, you can also invite people to events and post items for sale. And the communication flows.

- The residents help each other a lot by answering each other's questions in the feed, explains Leif Carlsson, Building Manager at Rosendal Fastigheter. It is nice to see that they help each other, and it also facilitates the work of the housing association's board of directors.

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The residents of Inspiration Rosendal help each other a lot by communicating in the feed

The gym One Way is located in one corner of the triangular building, and has large, double-storey rooms. During the moving in, new members were offered a free exercise session in the TMPL app. They were also offered a 20% discount on monthly membership-cards.

It's great to train there, it’s very light and airy in the gym, says Arby, who utilized the free exercise session offered in the TMPL>
At the bottom of the building you find a supermarket, and a pharmacy will shortly open there as well. There are a number of restaurants in the area that are connected to the TMPL app. The residents of Inspiration Rosendal can order food directly in the TMPL app. Even the restaurants offered the new residents discounts during the weeks of people moving in.

TMPL's new entrance display is installed in all three entrances. By clicking on a name on the display you will get a view of the building showing where that person’s apartment is located. The residents can change and add names to the display in the TMPL app. The display also shows public transportation from nearby bus stops. You can easily see when and from where the next bus is due to depart. The feed is also displayed on the entrance displays. Residents who do not have the possibility to use the TMPL app can still access information from neighbours and the housing association by looking at the display in the entrance.

There are also digital mailboxes in the entrances. Starting autumn 2017, residents will be able to change and add names to the mailbox via the app.